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Getting graduation dress panic. Kind of like your ordinary dress panic, but this time it's twisted up a notch, because what you wear on your graduation stays with you forever. Like, ever. There is simply no room for a fashion faux pas. So what do you do when nothing fits, and when you finally do find something it is of course sold out in your size? Endlessly refresh the page hoping for a miracle? Obsessively check your email with the hope of getting a notification that your size is back in stock? Only to finally get one, but then experience a fresh wave of disappointment when that one lonely number is whisked away right from under your nose? All of the above, darlings. All of the above.

Edit: Thankfully, wonderful friends exist who basically save your life. And your graduation. Big love and shoutout to Lisa, who is new to the blogging world! Check out her blog and show her some love! Go go go!


  1. That is your closet? Is great!
    I´m sure you will be perfect on your graduation.


  2. Awww did you find the dress?? Photos xx

    Thanks for the comment. As you know I was in Riga, but then I got sick and haven't had the energy to really sit down in front of computer screen and blog / reply. So here's my reply, finally :D

    * It's been so long since I visited Paris, so can't remember whether there's also some bridges with locks attached .. Perhaps! :)

    * I can't remember the area where the loft in London was, but it was around 800 pounds or euros .. Quite pricey ! I'd like to work abroad in some place where I manage with english. My work experience is mainly from sales department (shop assistant) and organizing events, also working at hospitals (but I don't have any degree on that). Future will tell, what happens to me! ;) My home town is pretty nice too, but starting to feel very very small ..

    * I've actually seen all the HP -movies (and read couple of the books ;) I have them on DVD's too.. But sometimes it's just cool to see them again and again, when they're on TV! :D

    xx Indie by heart

  3. Hello blonde doll! Guess who is back :D
    Hey dear, thanks a lot for your last comment (I still believe that you are my blonde version and you always understand my crazy ideas).

    Good luck with your dress!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. How does your cupboard look so perfect! Miss you Kasia! <3