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Is I know something now I didn't before. Took a long lazy morning today, with the mandatory coffee, some fresh strawberries and a magazine. I'm enjoying some quality cozy time refuelling my batteries before next week's mayhem. The good kind. I have a lot planned, but I can't say anything just yet. You'll know the first bit tomorrow! Tonight I'll take it easy, do some planning and actively stop myself from clicking something home. Because with me, that's always a danger.


  1. Ooh this looks yummy! Hope you are well :) x


  2. Yayy cool header! ^^ Simple but GREAT - love it. And I think you wont get bored with it that easily ? Well it's simple to just to change the font or something, if you eventually do :D
    And your weekend sounds pretty nice.. Strawberries, aww I still haven't tasted any this summer! And only had time to swim once, ONCE! :D

    Ooh clicking something home, sounds hazardous & a lot like me.

    Thanks for the reply :) I really want to get a better camera before next Christmas, and I'm not used to expensive gifts anyways .. so perhaps I'll try to find one as a summer gift or something for myself, from myself! ;) My phone is Nokia C7 and camera is rubbish, I just take some food photos or some quick snaps with it when I don't have my digital camera with me. I use Samsung WB700 which is quite simple, small basic camera - with great zoom and decent macro function..But there's too much distortion, especially when photographing inside. That's why I'd love to get some micro dslr: perfect photos without carrying around heavy camera. :)

    xx Indie by heart

  3. OH and about my studies! :) There's this time limit you have for studying; mine expires in this December.
    I'd love to organize some fashion related events along with working at a store - kind of what I'm already doing ! :) We have these customer events at Glitter, that I've helped to organize. Perhaps something like that, or fashion shows and blogger events etc. Or, some day I might have completely different idea about my future and then I'll go for that. ;)
    What will you do / dream of doing for living after you graduate? :)


  4. Aaaand, my bird is borrowed from Sabo Skirt (credited at the end of my blog) and I've changed the colors of it a bit + added text.. I don't have much drawing or designer skills either, so this is what I ended up with. :)

  5. hey, Kasia! long time no see! it was lovely to see you over my blog again after such a long time :) and I must say I really really like your new header. it's so simple but totally pops out and actually I've been thinking about creating a new header for my own blog as well. maybe now when I finally have my vacation after 8 long months I can work on that :) oh and your strawberries look super yummy! one of the best things when it comes to summer :P
    btw, I'm struggling with my blogging rhythm as well and I hope I will get out of this "thing" where I have things to blog about but I just can't start with it, haha :D

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. Welcome back Kasia! I'm glad to see you blogging again! :)