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7 Ways to Make Sure You Don't Get A Hangover After Midsummer

Glad Midsommar! To celebrate, i've compiled a list of & things to remember to ensure you will feel fine the morning after consuming copius amounts of alcohol!
I'm getting ready for Midsommar now, i hope you enjoy these and have a fantastic evening!

1. Beer before wine, and you'll feel fine.
2. Wine before beer, and you'll feel queer.
3. Beer before liquor, never been sicker / never puked quicker.
4. Liquor before beer, you're in the clear.
5. Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.
6. Never promise a list of 7 Ways if you cant remember the 7th one, and;



I'm Just a Holy Fool

Have you ever read something that made you sick to your stomach, weak at the knees and made your heart sink with every sentence? Your eyes pour over the words that hit you like a thousand knives piercing every bit of your body, but, as if hypnotized, you cant tear them away from the page. And even though you know it will hurt you, it does hurt you, you keep reading. Line after line, sentence after sentence. You try to swallow the words as quickly as you can, and then you slow down and read it again. and again. and again. the pain gets stronger every single time. You read, you imagine, you overanalyze.
Why do we do this to ourselves? It's a cruel kindness. You know you're better off not knowing, but there is a part of you that can't help it. Why are we so masochistic to ourselves, emotionally? I think it's because it's better to know the truth, as my imagination is much worse.. but knowing the truth is also very painful, as you know that it happened. It's a catch-22.
And so i read on, sinking deeper and deeper into the core of my very own real life nightmare. I'm just a Holy Fool.
I read the lines and anger and jealousy take over. Is it because i feel threatened? Threatened by what, i have no reason to be.
Then again, that's what I thought before, and look, my worst fears materialized right before my eyes. It was like a nightmare, except I never woke up.
So even if materially I have no reason to be threatened, why is it that I still am? Subconsciously, anyway. I'm threatened by the memory, menacing to jump out at me from the shadowy corners of my mind, and hurt me once more.
Im also threatened by what may happen if the cards are not played right, and when even the best players will have to fold.

I hope this works out, cardio
Till then let's fly, jeronimo!

But in the horrible, horrible Hollywood horror scenario where it doesnt, what will happen then?
The situation will go back to how it was exactly a year ago. I'll be in denial and he will degrade himself by hanging out with vermin. That's not the ending I planned. We make our own fairy tales, albeit only when we have to.
So this is mine.


Right Now

Right now im enjoying this little baby! Watermelon smoothie, fresh from the blender! And so easy to make as well: watermelon, sugar, ice! ;) Even though it's 16 degrees, cloudy/rainy and it doesnt feel like summer at all, im trying to make the most of it!

ALSO, im really dissatisfied with the layout. It seems a bit messy to me. And being the perfectionist that i am, im not making the most out of blogging right now, and this seems to be the reason. I want a new header... any ideas?! :)


Inner Journey

When i was a teenager, i heard that those were the years where we 'find ourselves', discover who we really are and what we want to achieve in life. I heard it many, many times.. but, somewhat naively, i didn't fully understand the meaning of those words. I brushed them aside, like dust from the shoulder of a jacket you haven't worn in years. Now, 20 years old and in the midst of University life, im finally beginning to understand what they meant. I'm finally beginning to differentiate between those who matter, those who never did, and those who always will. I'm drawing the line between what i'm interested in on the surface, and interests im truly, deep down, very passionate about. I find myself mulling over them, on and off, excited at the prospects. Both of these categories of 'interests' can be split up and i can count each of them on the fingers of one hand. In the first category, we have cheerleading. In the latter, the deeper one, we have dreams and dysfunctional psychology. There is another, but i will keep that one to myself.. for now.
I'm still in the process of learning about myself, we always are.. and so this list is incomplete. I will dedicate a post to describing my likings and passions for each of these subjects, and try to explore the reasons why.. At this stage, i can openly say that i have no idea what i will write about any of them. I'll simply open a document and write whatever comes to mind. i'm sure, knowing me, that i myself will be surprised by the end result. And that, my friends, is the beauty of the human mind: eternal, relentless, and forever mysterious.


Basic with an Edge

Gina Tricot
Just a little thing i picked up in town today! Very basic, but you need those kinds of clothes to survive! It works with anything, black jeans, leather jacket and you're good to go! It's very simple, but the texture is original: it's not plain grey, it looks spotted! Basic with an Edge? Precisely, and very me! ;)

p.s. after many if's and but's and sighs of frustration i managed to successfully create a CATEGORIES section on my blog! Now you can scroll through the different topics i blog about and have all the themed posts in one place! From Outfits to 'New in the Closet' through daily life, cheerleading and even food and drink! ;) Find it on the left in the sidebar!



After having heard quite a few good things about the dry shampoo you see here, from Batiste, i decided to give it a go seeing as my Charles Worthington finished. And i have to say.. major, major disappointment. If you can avoid it, don't buy it. It lasts for a maximum of 2 hours and you really have to use quite a lot of it to get the desired effect. The CW one however worked like a charm: apply it once and you definitely do not have to worry about your hair for the rest of the day, or even more if you want! (However if i use it it's maximum for a day, i prefer my hair to be fresh and naturally washed, despite it being impossible to style! :) )

After using the Batiste dry shampoo a few times i chucked it out and switched to the Charles Worthington one which you can see HERE.




I saw this sign yesterday in the ladies' toilets at Royal Billiard! Haha, like really? It made me laugh, especially the City of Westminster bit! Ahh the little bits of London that keep creeping in even in the depths of my Malmö life! Though i must admit.. i kinda like it! ;]


Cider, and.. ?

What is this concoction? It's Kopparberg Mixed Fruit cider mixed with a tropical cocktail and fruit! Delicious. Swedish cider is probably the single one thing i like the most about Swedish culture. Well no, that's a lie, there's more than one thing, and i cant possibly choose! But it's definitely up there ;)
The best one is of course Rekorderlig Strawberry-Lime, to die for! The sun, sea, baby, friends, bbq, twilight, cider.. & i'm happy forever! Cannot wait for Summer Cider Times! ♥

p.s. Grattis Baby till Studenten! Du är lätt bäst! ♥


Can We Pretend That Airplanes in the Night Sky are Shooting Stars?

So now it's back on a plane.. again! Man, when will i ever get used to flying again? Heavy suitcases, wrongly packed, which i can barely lift, the Piccadilly line for an hour and still this imminent fear.

With a corporate career comes flying. Business trips, round-the-world meetings, the list goes on. Maybe with my 'flying phobia' i'll consider a career change.. or maybe i'll get used to it? Only time will tell.

Okay, what's going on? It's my flying phobia talking, on top of everything. But i mean, are you guys not surprised that the wing just doesn't catch fire?
Hoping for peace, preparing for war..

See you in Sverige!

Airplane, airplane, sorry im late! I'm on my way so don't close that gate! If i don't make that then i'll switch my flight, and be right back at by the end of the night!

St. James Park

Black Swan?

St. James :)

Still a few more pictures from the other day at the park. Where did that beautiful weather go!? It's just clouds and showers right now.. it doesn't feel much like summer at the moment! Hopefully it's just a phase, and the real bbq and cocktail-filled summer is about to begin!

Gonna do some last minute packing now, as i'm off to Sweden tonight! You'll hear from me later! Puss


Converse Cool

Yes! That's right, my other Lo-cut Converse were getting old and so i decided to get these new beauties! Very classic, but i like! i use my Fred Perrys a bit more than i should, and after their refurbishment it'll be nice to have two pairs of white sneakers that i can alternate between. These will be my shoes "to live in" in the summer! So now i'm officially 'Converse Cool' as V puts it! ;)



Tonight, it's Pirates of the Caribbean 4 with Olga & Kayla! Yes! So excited for Captain Jack Sparrow! I've seen them all and yes i have to say, i do enjoy them ;] It's a bit of a shame that Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly aren't in this one, but at least Jack's there ;) I'll let you know what i think later! Gonna go get ready now! Puss



Just a couple of pictures from yesterday - At St. James Park! Friends, sun, cider.. summer! It was just perfect :) It started to get a bit chilly more towards the evening, but then we went home, changed and headed out to celebrate Helena <3

Today i really wanted to go to Brick Lane and the Sunday market, but as it was raining i just went straight to cheer instead! The last cheer session for the summer.. hopefully until september, and then with a new (french!) squad! We'll see how that goes. Today was amazing though - we learned Twist Cradles - i got it on my first go! ;) There's a video, hopefully i'll be able to get my hands on that and show you!
Afterwards we went to Nadndo's with the cheer girls! Medium spicy peri-peri chicken? Check!

Now i'll relax for a bit with some tea and perhaps Hellcats as well, seeing as i'm back in the loop with cheer again! Haha, we'll speak soon. Puss!


Southbank Summer Days

So sorry i've been so awful with the blog lately, i've had a bit of a writer's block.. but i will improve, i promise!
Yesterday i had a really nice day, shopping and wandering around the Festival at Southbank by Waterloo, Grande Mocha Hazelnut Frappuccino in hand!
And i got called Kate Moss ;) Perfect!
Now we're going to a café for brunch, and then to the park, so hopefully that will allow me to clear my head :)
We'll talk soon! Puss


Cosmopolitan & Champagne

Could it be better? Cosmopolitan & Champagne, this is what i call livin the life! ;) Last night was great, BBQ, sun, rooftop, breathtaking view, delicious food and exquisite cocktails! Summer ♥ Tack så mycket :)