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So i just got home to Sweden! And i have to say, i am quite proud of myself. I found the cure to my flying phobia!! A couple drinks, including a whiskey coke aboard the aircraft, Glee, and more drinks and hell, i didnt even notice that we landed ;) It was brilliant! I'm totally doing this everytime! And Malibu in food coloring plastic bottles? haha! love it!
Apart from that, my wardrobe is extremely happy now, it's gotten a good few new pretty things! :D I'll show you all later! ;) Longing for spring/summer now.. so much! I've decided to even cut down a bit on the black i wear, and experiment a little with the block colors so in style right now!
Now it's time for some coffee, and im going to drag myself out of the house! We'll talk later, toodles!


So Little Time, So Much To Do!

Rise & Shine my loves!
I'm up early (for once in my life!) seeing as today is going to be one hectic day, and I'm going to spend it in style ;)

Order of the day: Rooftop with Olga, bank, buying present for Daddy at the Henri Lloyd on Carnabry street, popping by BikBok for a quick peek! Thankfully there is no Trademarks seminar but i do have an essay, so after the Tort Lecture it'll be the Maughan Library for me! On top of that, i leave for Sweden on Tuesday so i need to pack and do some cleaning!

I absolutely despise packing.. worst thing in the world, next to flying now, of course. which reminds me, i need to rinse out my Jif Lemon and put some Malibu in it for the flight! ;) And mentally prepare myself for asking for JD & coke on the plane, haha! Hopefully i wont be too drunk by the time my parents meet me in Copenhagen!

So Little Time, So Much To Do!
I'd rather spend my day with you..
And if that day is not enough, maybe we can stay in touch?
I'm not making plans for tomorrow.. ♥



The London Varsity Rugby Match 2011 was absolutely spectacular!!!! The best night in a long time!
Exciting game, well done rugby boys! ♥ They broke through the defense line and scored by getting over the try line plus two bonus points from the extra kick in literally the last minute of the game.. it was beautiful! KCL beat UCL 17-15 yay!
Lots of prepping done by the cheerleaders, and it all paid off!
I have to admit I was a bit nervous before the game.. just like before comp! But more excited than nervous!!
It all seemed a bit hectic, but when halftime was on, we went out there and rocked it!! The only issue was that our music didnt play.. but we didnt panic and just started counting, like a team should! Let's go Lions!!!!
Overall, it was great!
And I was on the radio! hehehe! If they put up a podcast I'll share it with you ;]



Today is the big day! Come out to The London Varsity Rugby Match 2011 and support KCL's Rugby teams and of course the lovely King's College Lions Cheerleaders at halftime!! Yeah!! Bring it!!

Now í'm going to make some pasta so i'll have some energy to kick UCL's ass!! woo!



Yesterday was such a beautiful sunny day! Spent most of it walking around and shopping! Today was much the same, went to Carnaby street to pick something out for my Dad in Henri Lloyd!
Now it's time for dinner with the crew to celebrate Claudia's 21! Happy Birthday Babydoll! <3



Have you ever had a deja-dream? The feeling that you've dreamt this dream before? Well i have. Funnily enough, i've never had a deja-vu in my waking life, however it's definitely happened in my dream world.
Last night (or should i say this morning) i dreamt that i was somewhere in France.. the name had something 'Roux' in it.. and that i was trying to visit as much as i could in the short time i had before heading back to Waterloo for class.. ;) While dream-sightseeing, i recognized the places.. theyre all figments of my imagination of course but i explicity had the feeling of seeing those places before.. they were too beautiful to be real though, sadly. Pink candy-resembling houses with tourqouise chimneys.. all on a narrow road, which overlooked an enourmous cliff.. down below: a massive pool lit up by tinkling lights.. and just beyond it.. the ocean, all at Twilight.
I swear i'd been there before.. been there in my dream. how is that possible? is my sub-concious trying to send me subliminal messages about these certain places in my dreams? Despite the fact that i cant recall an exact dream about these places.. the feeling was an unmistakable deja-vu. Even though i've never actually experienced one of those.

You get to the point when you're so tired that your brain gets completely fried.. two near all-nighters in a row later and there you have it.

I really do enjoy my weird dreams though. "Omg i had the weirdest dream last night!" Standard. Dream catchers? please! i wouldnt change it for the world!

A few days back i found a document with one of my dreams in bullet points.. i'll share it with you in the next few days so check back!
i like the idea of starting a dream diary! That's going to be another theme of my blog: dreams!



Skittles are lethal. they're like Pringles, once you pop the fun don't stop! Well.. at least until you finish the packet :/
i do prefer the green sour ones though.. :)

p.s. First Day of Spring!



Such a great cheer session today! Prepping for Varisty is going really well!!
2.5 Highs, Hitch pyramids, show-n-gos, flyaways, 180s, extension libs, scorps, baskets, shapes and a whole lot more!
Come out and support the King's College Lions on Friday March 25!
If you havent yet got your ticket, do it now! Click here!

I'm exhausted now! But it was totally worth it! Unfortunately i can't relax just yet.. essay calls! Toodles!



Here comes the sun, little darling! ♥
My Rooftop Terrace, Sun, Spring, Coffee and... Property Law! the perfect almost perfect combination!
Longing after summer! ♥

Later it'll be time for a party! Proper this time ♥ Cocktails, some glasses of wine, house music, party, friends ♥
Life is beautiful.


St. Patrick's Day

Igår var det liten utgång som gällde! Fan va skoj :) i have to say.. i haven't laughed that much or that hard in a long, long time. It felt amazing. So exhilarating. My stomach muscles were in pain, i swear! All of this at 4 in the morning.. :) Pair that with a couple Tiger & Bunny suits & "Take it easy over tea" and that pretty much sums up my night. Unbelievable.
Laughing is so healthy.
i believe it's the best calorie burner. EVER.

Outfit: Tiger suit.
Black dress. And if anyone asks, yes i was wearing green! The ring which you can see here.



In a Black & White World, True Colors Show

It was time for a new layout!
it's not that much different from the other one, but the green/gray background really wasn't me. White & black, now that's more like it! ;)

Now it's time for some studying! I've been procrastinating on this Property essay for much too long now.. we'll talk soon! Hugs!


Cherry Blossom

Spring is on its way!


How is everybody doing today? it's been really nice with the sun these past few days! a bit of a haze today, but i kind of like it! you cant really see everything properly, it makes the world look like one big blur!

Sorry for the slow updates these days.. I hate Mondays and Tuesdays the most! 4 hours each day, including all seminars!
So little time, so much to do.
Cheer (Varsity), uni, seminars, case lists, exams!
i heard an unoffical rumor that our Tort exam is on May 9! shiiit.
And the essays just keep piling up and piling up. When will all of this stop?
I'm longing after summer..

But now it's time for some seminars and lectures, and after that i have some errands to run, höhö!

You'll hear from me soon!

p.s. there are some changes coming your way! höhö!


Coming Soon

i love this font.

We Compliment Each Other Like Colors

My colorstrology is;

January: Caramel (Pantone 16-1439) - Practical, Determined, Builder
January 23: Purple Impression (Pantone 17-3919) - Distinctive, Intriguing, Stylish

Courtesy of Kevin @ Trip3Thread ;)


Hair Ring

i found these little beauties when out shopping yesterday! They look gorgeous in hair! I got them in size L, seeing as my hair is isn't that thin. i was able to get it all through and it stays on better than you would expect! love it!


Today was just one of those days.
Lectures, then i hit the town for a little bit. i made some nice finds but i'll show you those later ;)
i had a rough past few days and a really rough night last night (kept waking up every hour or so!) so i definitely need some down-time.
Gonna watch something and try to sleep now!


To Give Up, Or Not To Give Up.... (on Coffee)?


So, Lent started today... and per usual I havent given anything up. Yet. I've really wanted to give something up for a few years now, but up till now I have been so weak-minded and consumption-absorbed that I havent been able to follow through.
It's still early days, so I plan on starting tomorrow.

The object of my pain and pleasure: Coffee.

I know.

I'm not entirely sure if it's the coffee or the caffeine that's the problem. Allow me to explain.

I used to never have breakfast. Always rushing out and never having time to eat.. the mornings dragged by and by lunch I was starving. Not a good method, trust. Then I finally started eating breakfast again, with a regular cup of coffee to go with it of course, and by now I have learned to really enjoy breakfast. Appreciate it. Something to look forward to when dragging myself out of bed.
And that's what it's become: an essential and enjoyable part of my mornings.
(that is of course, if mornings can ever be said to be enjoyable)

However, the problem with this is that I've had at least one cup of coffee a day since I was 14 or 15... first with everything dumped in there: tons of milk, excess sugar and heaps of Hershey's syrup! Mess! Then slowly I started taking the ingredients away: first the syrup, then the sugar.
Which brings me to what I currently know and love:

Coffee & milk.

Coffee & milk everyday since you're 14 cant bode well, but what can I say? And note that I said "at least one cup a day", excluding the ad-hoc coffee free day.
Because of this, naturally my tolerance has gone up.. which means that instead of having one shot from Daddy's lovely espresso machine, I switched to at least 2. In the mornings. At uni, from one teaspoon instant coffee.. to one tablespoon.
It's bad, I know.
but I just cant help it!
(having 2 really large coffee mugs used interchangeably doesnt help either!)

I cant go on drinking a tablespoon of coffee in the morning followed by later pick-me-ups.. eventually the whole jar wont be enough.

So I've decided that it's detox time!

But the problem is, should I give up coffee as a whole concept or simply caffeine, the cause of the problem?
If i give up coffee as a concept, then surely would I just start abusing Monster and Red Bull instead? That's an issue.
Another is that I like coffee in the mornings.. that's the problem.

On the other hand there's the option of just giving up on that cheeky bastard Caffeine. That would exclude my beloved coffee of course, but also Monster, Red Bulls, all those fake energy drinks.. oh and no tea either.
That's a bit much to give up, no?

It does however, leave me with the option of decaf. Fooling my brain into thinking it's received its daily deadly dose of caffeine when really.. it hasnt ;)
Two issues with that:
1) There is still a minimal amount of caffeine in decaf.
2) It tastes.. different. Very different.
3) I quote:

Decaffeinated coffee is kind of like kissing your sister.
/Bob Irwin

Decaffeinated coffee is the devil's blend.

So basically. I dont know what to do. I might go for the No coffee, No caffeine method, combining the options.. at least I can say I tried!
If that fails miserably I'll reluctantly resolve to fooling my brain with decaf, see if that works.. But as for now, I'll enjoy the last bit of caffeine that i can! ;)
Wish me luck!

Sorry guys.
End of rant.

P.S. Pro-Coffee quotes for the Coffee Enthusiasts everywhere!

Way too much coffee. But if it weren't for the coffee, I'd have no identifiable personality whatsoever.
/David Letterman

Decaf? No, it's dangerous to dilute my caffeine stream.

Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation.

Caffeine isn't a drug, it's a vitamin!

Chocolate, men, coffee - some things are better rich. ;)

Coffee is a beverage that puts one to sleep when not drank.
/Alphonse Allais

Over second and third cups flow matters of high finance, high state, common gossip and low comedy. [Coffee] is a social binder, a warmer of tongues, a soberer of minds, a stimulant of wit, a foiler of sleep if you want it so. From roadside mugs to the classic demi-tasse, it is the perfect democrat.

Coffee smells like freshly ground heaven.
/Jessi Lane Adams

And two of my personal favorites:

Be a coffee-drinking individual - espresso yourself!

Deja Brew: The feeling that you've had this coffee before.

P.S.2. Yes, I think I've had too much caffeine now.. in case youre wondering. Touché.


International Women's Day... & Pancake Day!?

Today is the Global Centenary Year of International Women's Day! Happy International Women's Day all my pretty ladies!!!! ;)

i really wasn't that bothered about Pancake Day. Nevertheless, it's got to be honored! Bring on the pancakes, maple syrup, strawberries and raspberries! Tasty!

The Annual Law Ball

So uh, Saturday. Law Ball.. What a night.

I'm in love alright, with my crazy, beautiful life.
With the parties, the disasters, with my friends all pretty and plastered!

This is what i looked like:

Dress - Karen Millen, Shoes - Zara, Clutch - Lanvin♥H&M

But on another note.. It happened at the Drake, who's to say that it can't happen at the Royal Courts of Justice? Is anyone else still feeling dodge thanks to Saturday night's dinner? However, the question of food poisoning, as it currently stands, is one of plausible deniability.




It's time for the Annual Law Ball!
This year it's being held at the Royal Courts of Justice. We're about to start getting ready with the girls!

But i just thought of something. How am i going to go to the Law Ball with all my cheer bruises!?!

Coco Chanel: A girl should always be two things: classy and fabulous!


Hair Products!

Look what i found in Boots! it's 3 for 2 on all professional haircare products! thought i'd get each one from a different barrel, test it out and give you some tips!

Toni&Guy Platinum Blonde Shampoo
Silver shampoo - I've used the Schwarzkopf one before, and that one worked great! ive read some positive reviews about Toni&Guy though, so i thought i might as well test it out! Brassy tones be gone!

John Freida Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray
Ever since my rather disastrous experience with Sun-In that left my hair somewhere in between blonde and copper-colored a few years back, ive been very sceptical towards lightening sprays. However i've only read positive reviews about this one, they say it works like a charm after only 2 uses! im not sure if im brave enough to try it on my entire hair just yet.. ill stick to a couple strands! it's always a Risky Business with blonde hair!

Charles Worthington Front Row Refresh & Revive Dry Shampoo
I've never tried dry shampoo before.. but Vicky tipped me off about this one! ;) She claims it's really good and leaves your hair great for styling! The only thing i'm worried about is that dry shampoo can get addictive.. that's why i was so hesitant about getting it in the first place! But then i succumbed ;) How could i not? You'll never know if you never try!

I'll let you know what i think in a few weeks after ive tested them out! If any of you have tried these before do let me know how they worked for you!

Leo + OverKnee

My new leo bag! i love it! absolutely made my day. it's the perfect size and it will be great, especially in the summer!

I already own a pair of black over knees, but theyre thicker and more sock-like in texture. These from H&M will be useful in the summer! I'm already thinking of pairing them up with black shorts or leather shorts, a basic white tank or a cropped shirt in the summer. Perfect.

Tłusty Czwartek part deux!

i spent Fat Thursday getting chubby! okay, so not properly chubby, but i did have sushi with Carmen and then later i bought a wannabe pączek from Patisserie Valerie as i mentioned previously!
Okay so it didnt look too bad, quite a lot like a pączek actually! and it didnt taste too shabby either! my only issue with it was that it had custard creme inside instead of the classic jam!
But i cant complain, it was massive!

i spent the early part of the day wandering about with Carmen! you wouldnt believe the kind of fun two cheerleaders can have loose in town!
Harley's (i know! can you believe that a Harry Potter gold/silver Time Turner is 103 pounds, while a massive Me2You Teddy is 250 pounds!?) H&M, sushi, Lush and Patisserie Valerie! Bath bombs, bubbles and a whole lot of glitter!

Unfortunately Carmen has all the pictures.. naughty naughty! This is the only one i've got! i'll post more later!

What's funny is that both Harley's and H&M seemed to have a common theme going on.. tons of Hello Kitty stuff! Hello Kitty toys, makeup, lip balm, spray, hats, candy, pillows.. and my two ultimate favorites: Hello Kitty bathrobe with matching Hello Kitty slippers! (Hello Kitty overdose..) :)

i made some purchases as well ;) ill show them off to you in another post.


Tłusty Czwartek

Fat Thursday :)
A typically Polish day celebrating the ever-great pączek! A pączek is the polish version of a jam or confiture-filled doughnut, shaped like a flattened sphere and covered in delicious icing, also sometimes spotted with orange peel! delicious.
I saw something similar to a pączek in Patisserie Valerie last night, so the plan is to try one of those.. although it didnt look as good as the original!

Now it's time for lectures and then it's hitting the city! Hopefully i'll make some nice finds in town which i'll show off to you later!



i'm so bad at planning, and now it seems like everything is crashing down on me all at once.
First an important event in Sweden with someone i care about, to only then go back to London for the most anticipated event of my lifetime, which happens to be a day after my Mom's birthday... maybe we can celebrate her in London? but then what about that someone else who i also want to be with me in London? it's a clash of the Titans. and then there's my driver's license in Poland on top of that. And internships? with this schedule? forget it... and what about a sunny beach vacation? why does everything always have to be so complicated?! some people have it easy.. i wish i had that. but i know it's not possible. not even close.
And the worst part is, i feel like im alone in this.
so.. the only question is.. what now!?

Gossip Girl: On the Upper East Side, the possibilities are endless. Dom or Krug. Winston or Cartier. Tory or Stella. Eventually, even the people with everything have to choose.