In case you haven't heard, H&M has announced this year's collaboration. And it's with none other than trailblazer Isabel Marant. I am super excited, there are so many beautiful pieces in this collection it's hard to choose your favs. I did my best at narrowing it down to a few key pieces which are absolute must-haves. Of course, my top pick would be the biker leather trousers, for obvious reasons. I sometimes feel like I should have been born a Harley Davidson chick. Biker leather day in and day out. But I am really loving the embroidered jacket and the heels! You can see the full collection on Vogue's page here. Let me know which ones are your favs! Kisses



Hello, wherever you are. Are you dancin on the dancefloor or drinkin by the bar? Life has been hectic lately. More hectic than usual, mind. Thought I'd finally share a photo from Graduation, so you could see how much we all looked like Harry Potter. And about time I did too! Because this month marks the start of a new adventure: an Advanced LL.M. in Public International Law at the University of Leiden! Orientation was crazy, but the year's study schedule will be even crazier. That and having a life and blogging at the same time? Yaya, as they say, we'll sleep when we're dead. So little time, so much to do. Including a few missions, of course. Who would I be if I didn't bring the Upper East Side with me everywhere I go? Even Leiden won't stand a chance trying to escape the fate I have in store for it! ;)



Getting graduation dress panic. Kind of like your ordinary dress panic, but this time it's twisted up a notch, because what you wear on your graduation stays with you forever. Like, ever. There is simply no room for a fashion faux pas. So what do you do when nothing fits, and when you finally do find something it is of course sold out in your size? Endlessly refresh the page hoping for a miracle? Obsessively check your email with the hope of getting a notification that your size is back in stock? Only to finally get one, but then experience a fresh wave of disappointment when that one lonely number is whisked away right from under your nose? All of the above, darlings. All of the above.

Edit: Thankfully, wonderful friends exist who basically save your life. And your graduation. Big love and shoutout to Lisa, who is new to the blogging world! Check out her blog and show her some love! Go go go!